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5 Reasons To Become A Lawyer

Law is the most competitive career currently on offer in the job market. Due to the high appreciation and demand that law has currently, there has been an overall increase in the requirements for enrolling for a law degree in any university all over the world. This has been mainly so as to ensure that the competitiveness of law is not lost. There are numerous benefits that lawyers enjoy over other types of professions. The first main benefit is that while learning law, you get a chance to be able to increase your body’s potential to its fullest. You are therefore able to engage your body and mind towards achieving great success. Generally, there is usually a higher preference for old lawyers as compared to young lawyers. This is due to the reason that with many years of practicing law, a lawyer is able to gather enough experience that is usually very effective while handling cases of different types. There is a high income for lawyers as compared to the income of people in other professions.

5 reasons that may motivate you to become a lawyer

1) Job fulfillment and salary

Lawyers are usually bestowed with a lot of responsibility both of their clients and that of other people who are referred as interest parties. Interest parties are basically individuals and groups who are affected by specific judgments. Interest groups may be a community or even a family line. Therefore lawyers usually have an opportunity of being able to make a difference and change the course of life both for their clients and for the interest groups. In this line of profession, hard work is not only recognized through the high income enjoyed by lawyers but also in the feeling and desire of career fulfillment.

2) A wide variety of job vacancies

One of the factors that you should put in place before taking training for any career is the job availability of the course. Since law is highly marketable and boasts of a very high demand, there are higher chances of securing employment opportunities. This is the main factor that motivates most people to become lawyers as they are assured of a better future with an employment. Whichever specialization of law that you may decide to take; there is usually a wide job market availability. The best thing about being a lawyer is that there is usually no monotony of work and therefore you are able to encounter new experiences every day.

3) Advancement options

Law is one of the broad careers that act as gateways to other different well paying careers. Once you have been legally registered as a professional lawyer, you are in a position to pursue other lines of professions. For example, you can decide to work your way up and become a private practice. Once you are a private practice, your chances of becoming a magistrate, judge or even a legal educator are usually very high.

4) Job growth and mobility of professions

The legal sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world with an estimated growth of about 13% annually. This shows that in the next few years, there is a very high likelihood of inadequate lawyers in the market. This factor is very important in itself due to the reason that it increases job security of lawyers. Other than job security, law is one of the most flexible occupations in the world. This is due to the reason that in most cases, lawyers can be able to easily relocate from one state to the other especially in a country like USA. This gives lawyers a lot of freedom to be able to choose areas where they may want to live and practice law.

5) Ability to own your own firm

Once you have successfully graduated with a degree in law, you are awarded a legal license that bestows you with the opportunity to set up your own law firm. With a law firm, you can be able to increase your earnings with a great margin and also be able to build a good personal reputation. With an individual law firm, you get a chance to be your own boss and you can therefore be able to run your firm according to your wishes.

As long as there is a society, as a lawyer you should always be sure that you have a job lying in wait. This is due to the reason that a society and its members are bound to make mistakes and crimes that will land them in legal battles. That is where your services come into play and you therefore get an employment opportunity.

Article by Melissa Davis on behalf of Ly Lawyers

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