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You’ve made the scary decision to take on the financial burden of Law School, putting your professional life on hold for three more years. Now you’re thinking about what comes next. Will you be able to find a job with a great law firm when you graduate?

In this article, I’ll outline some of the steps you can take while attending Law School to increase your chances of finding a great professional home after graduation. Keep in mind that I am a Personal Injury Lawyer in California, so my advice may not apply to your desired practice area or geographic location.

Understanding the Parole Process in Texas

If you’ve ever spent time behind bars, then you already know just how valuable freedom really is. Even with conditions like probation or rehabilitation programs, getting to live on the outside is a much better alternative than staring at your cell wall all day.

Many offenders have an opportunity at freedom during parole hearings, yet few people are well-versed in understanding the parole process in Texas. When will you be eligible, what factors does the board consider, and how does the voting process go? Get all your parole questions answered below.

An Overview of Indecency with a Child Laws in Texas

Indecent liberties with a child is a serious offense in Texas. It can result in a record that can follow you for the rest of your life. Avoid being charged with and found guilty of this crime by knowing how it is defined under Texas state law and the penalties that come if you are convicted.

What Does “Indecent Liberties with a Child” Mean in Texas?

Texas state law defines indecent liberties with a child as engaging in sexual contact with a child who is 17 years of age or younger or causing the child to engage in sexual contact. It is classified as a sex crime in Texas that can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or second or third-degree felony.

7 Reasons to Consider Becoming a Birth Injury Lawyer

Practicing birth injury law requires a high level of finesse on behalf of the attorney. You are essentially pursuing doctors, hospitals, and physicians’ groups along with their team of attorneys to prove that your client or their baby was negligently injured at birth. If it sounds daunting, it is, but the personal and professional rewards you reap pay for themselves in spades over the long-run.

Becoming a birth injury lawyer helps you gain expertise in a constantly growing niche. You become an expert communicator and form long-lasting relationships with clients you have gotten to know over the course of several years. It truly is an amazing area of practice that some attorneys really enjoy.

How does the Unemployment Benefit Insurance work in New York?

Ever wondered how unemployment works in New York? Well, no one has an answer to this question, because none of us can imagine losing our jobs. But owing to the growing number of layoffs, it is important to have a clear idea about NYS unemployment.

There are several individuals who’ve experienced a terrible hit due to sudden layoffs. Imagine you’ve been working at an organization for a while, and they suddenly announce a big round of layoffs. You’ve been dedicated to your organization, but your name has still landed on the list. So right now, you must look for a new job.

Is it Worth Becoming a Personal Injury Lawyer?

An injury lawyer is known as being a very profitable source of income which draws people in to pursue as a career. Although people not only seek to be an injury lawyer for the money, they often have a passion for helping people achieve the justice they deserve. Helping people gain compensation for injuries or accidents are for people that want to ensure that the innocent get what they truly need in terms of reimbursement.

The Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Criminal Lawyer

Whether you grew up on Matlock or fancy yourself a modern-day Ally McBeal, becoming a Lawyer takes a lot of dedication. Once achieved, it is one of the most rewarding careers as criminal law is the foundation of American democracy and governance. Here is the beginner’s guide to becoming a criminal lawyer in the most exciting area of the criminal justice system where you will represent those accused of a wide range of crimes.

Are bans and laws effective in protecting the planet?

With freak weather conditions continue to swirl around the globe, the impacts of climate change are undeniable. But it isn’t the only thing harming our world; sadly, our own actions have a history of damage to the planet. From plastic usage to fossil fuels, we’re using up more than the planet produces. It’s not sustainable, and this is precisely why the topic featured heavily in the UN climate takes in Poland recently. Sir David Attenborough spoke at the summit in order to highlight just how great the threat to our world is.

Personal Injury Statistics in USA (Infographic)

In the United States alone, we see a vast range of causes for personal injuries that lead to litigation. Injuries may occur on the road, on the job, or in a variety of other settings. Common causes include motor vehicle collisions, slip and fall incidents, and medical malpractice. Discover the injury rates, compare between various demographics, and find out what has a tendency to happen when these matters are brought before a court. This infographic can help you make an informed decision as to how you will handle your own personal injury suit.

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When it’s time to get an attorney involved? Top 5 reasons you need an attorney

From parking tickets to bankruptcy to injury claims, everyone experiences legal issues at some point in time. The question is: will you need an attorney when those moments roll around?

You always have the option of representing yourself, but linguistic subtleties and strict protocols present a steep learning curve. This is especially true when dealing with unique local laws.

Laws aren’t always easy to understand, but having legal representation, whether it’s a personal injury lawyer or a divorce lawyer, increases the odds of a successful case. Sometimes success is defined as a larger payout in your favor, and other times victory just takes the form of a reduced penalty.


This is a preview of Personal Injury Statistics in USA (Infographic)Read the full post (105 words, 1 image, estimated 25 secs reading time)