Dog Bite and Claims- Why you should consider making a Claim

POSTED : August 19, 2021

Dogs may be considered as the perfect companion for humans, but their potential for risk should not be unseen. Millions of people are attacked by dogs each year, which is perhaps the primary reason for dog bite compensation claims becoming popular.

If a dog bites you, it significantly affects your physical and mental health. Therefore, getting an adequate reimbursement seems like the right thing to do after the wounds have been healed.

Since there is no usual entitlement for the damages for this harrowing experience, it is essentially important to speak to the experts. Here’s a brief discussion regarding why you should consider making a dog bite claim.

What should be your first response after a Dog Bite

Unfortunately, if a dog bites you, you must immediately report the police regarding the entire incident. It would be great if you call the police on the site of the incident along with some medical help. One should keep the record of the injuries by taking some photographs as a proof of the happening.

Make sure you keep the receipts of all the medical expenses that would help you in claiming compensation successfully. Noting down the name and address of the dog owner would provide you an additional advantage when you claim your reimbursements.

Dog Owner’s Legal Responsibilities

According to numerous government websites, a dog owner is strictly subjected to several lawful obligations for the safety of the public. It depicts that a dog should be under the control of the owner, and should not be the reason for any threat to the common people.

An owner is considered to be the law-breaker if their dog attacks an individual. It is the liability of the owner to train their dog precisely to avoid any chance of such incidents.

It is the right of every victim of a dog bite to get the relevant compensation from the owner, and thus it must be considered.

What are the things that can be claimed?

Though the court will consider numerous factors while providing a claim, victims can significantly claim for the following:

  • Scars, injuries, or disabilities.
  • Physical or mental injuries.
  • Loss of present income or future earning potential.
  • Property damage that includes personal belongings as well.
  • Medical expenses reimbursements, and the claim of hospital bills.
  • Cost of the travel expenses to seek treatment.

Compensation for the Dog Bite if the Owner can’t be located

Many people are unaware regarding the dog bite law that provides adequate compensation even if it is not possible to trace the owner of the dog. The law says that sometimes it is not possible to find the owner of the animal, and in such scenarios, the animal is considered as the culprit.

One can easily make a claim at such instances by getting in touch with a renowned solicitor that can guide provide you a claim fruitfully.

It is always rewarding to file compensation against the owner to cover the loss during a dog bite instance. Moreover, one can even claim reimbursement if the owner of the dog is unknown.

Dog Bite And Claims- Why You Should Consider Making A Claim

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