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How To Become A Lawyer In New Mexico

Becoming a lawyer in the state of New Mexico is similar to many other states.  It will require you to graduate from a four year accredited university and successful completion of three years of law school.  While it’s not required to go to law school in New Mexico to practice in the state it can be to your benefit as many local employers like to see that on a resume.

Upon graduation of law school you will be required to take and pass the bar exam.  The bar exam is taken over two days in which the first is geared towards written responses and the second being a multiple choice test.

Once you pass the bar exam you will take part in an official ceremony where you will be sworn in as an individual legally able to practice law in the state of New Mexico. 

Getting Accepted Into a New Mexico Law School.

Your grade point average in college and scores on the LSAT are the two major determining factors for admission to most law schools.

Popular Law Schools In The State Of New Mexico.

Below is a list to law schools in California actively accepting applications each year.

University of New Mexico School of Law
1117 Stanford NE, Albuquerque 6070
Phone: (505) 277-2146

Why Is Law School In New Mexico & The Bar Exam Necessary?

Without a license to practice law in Illinois, a person cannot give legal advice, represent persons in court, or handle many other legal matters.

How To Become A Lawyer In Nearby States.