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Information About Getting a Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Laws regarding sexual harassment are intended to provide protection for the public against any unwanted sexual advances in any type of work environment. The issue of sexual harassment was originally introduced by the Civil Rights Act in 1964. This offered protection for employees from facing discrimination based on gender; however, since then the laws have evolved quite a bit. Seeking out LA-based sexual harassment lawyers may be necessary in a variety of situations.

According to the United States Supreme Court, sexual harassment can be divided into two general scenarios:

  1. A tangible employment action
  2. A hostile environment

Any type of tangible employment action refers to the sexual harassment that is received from another person that highly influences or makes decisions regarding employment. Essentially, these are situations where the person may say you must comply with all of my sexual advances or your will lose your job.

A hostile environment refers to any type of harassment that comes from vendors, customers, supervisors, co-workers or anyone else that the victim will come into contact with on a day to day basis while at work.

Some of the behaviors that considered sexual harassment include the following:

  • Using terms of endearment that are inappropriate
  • Trading sexual favors for a job promotion or other benefit
  • Gestures that are indecent
  • Provocative or inappropriate pictures on display
  • Talking about any physical attributes or appearance
  • Touching that is unwanted
  • Jokes that are inappropriate
  • Discussing any type of sexual activity

Both males and females can fall victim to sexual harassment, and the person that is committing the sexual harassment can also be male or female. The gender of each person is not an issue. The judge or the jury in a case regarding sexual government will consider a number of factors, which is an area that our law office can help you fully understand.

These factors include the following:

If you fall victim to any act of sexual harassment, you should never blame yourself for another individuals actions. Also, you should not ignore the behavior or feel ashamed because of it. You should also seek outside help regarding your situation, especially if it is a persistent issue in your workplace. You need to take action to ensure that your feelings regarding the behavior are clearly understood and if the behavior does not halt you need to report it.

If you, or someone you know, has been a victim of any type of sexual harassment in the workplace, it is essential that you contact our offices right away. Lawyers will help to protect your rights and provide you with the options that you have in regard to the issue. The lawyers will take all issues into consideration including the frequency that the inappropriate conduct occurred, the sternness of the particular conduct, whether it was emotional or physical conduct, the effect on the victim’s well-being psychologically and the position held by the harasser at the place of employment.

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