Know Your Rights as an Employee

POSTED : August 19, 2021

Even if you thoroughly enjoy your job, you may still experience unfair conditions, and that is not how things are meant to be. Resolving conflicts with your manager or place of employment is a careful matter that deserves the utmost attention and dedication. That is why a LA employment attorney is your best line of defense when faced with unfairness at work. Here are some common scenarios in which your should seek the assistance of an employment lawyer.

 Your Health has Been Compromised

Naturally, health and safety is one of the top priorities of an employer. Workers are notified and educated on the health and safety measures and policies of a company as soon as they are hired. Therefore, a violation of employee safety and working conditions is a huge issue, and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. An attorney can help you determine whether or not the situation warrants legal action, and if so, they will stand by you and help to fight for your rights. It may be as simple as receiving worker’s compensation, but the situation could require a complete overhaul of safety practices and procedures. This could help not only you, but other employees in your workplace.

You’re Facing Discrimination or Harassment

This is a very serious violation, and one that can be masked or hidden well behind seemingly harmless practices. Yet harassment and discrimination are two things that must not be handled lightly. If you are the victim of sexual, racial, or some other form of harassment or discrimination, then you need to get in contact with an employment lawyer at once. Be sure to express your concern to your manager or supervisor, and keep the employment manual or guidebook close at hand. It should detail the hiring and treatment of all employees. This could end up being a useful tool and resource that you and the attorney can use in court.

 You Are Dealing with Union Issues

Many companies organize unions, such as those working in supermarkets or employees working for a school district. In some cases, employers can try to punish employees for forming such a union, or they may disregard the existence or requests of the union. A legal professional who specializes in employment issues can help with right to work laws, collective action, and similar circumstances. Again, using the employment guidebook or manual can help to determine if unions are accepted in your area of work. This can be a tricky situation, but with the help of a certified and knowledgeable legal professional, you may be able to navigate the waters much more efficiently.

In fact, all of the above circumstances will be better handled with the right guidance and professionalism. Don’t delay on fighting for your rights as an employee.

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