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Joanne R. Bush – Dallas, TX


About Joanne R. Bush

Current Employment Position(s)

  • Associate

Practice Areas

  • Labor & Employment
  • Federal and State Wage-Hour Counseling & Litigation
  • Collective Bargaining, Contract Enforcement & Union Organizing
  • NLRB Proceedings & Appeals
  • Railway Labor Act
  • Class Action Employment Litigation
  • Single & Multiple Plaintiff Employment Litigation

Representative Cases

  • Albertson’s resolves federal and state purported collective and class actions involving grocery managers’ exempt status (2009)
  • FLYi Inc. and Independence Air file for bankruptcy with $455 million in debt (2009)
  • IBM defends against nationwide FLSA action alleging misclassification of sales representation (2009)
  • IBM defends against purported nationwide class action alleging violations under FLSA (2009)
  • IBM defends against statewide class action alleging denial of overtime and other wage and hour issues (2009)
  • IBM defends against statewide class action alleging overtime violations under California law (2009)
  • IBM prevails in case alleging “off-the-clock and on-call” claims under FLSA
  • IBM settles FLSA and ERISA class action involving technical support workers’ exempt status (2009)
  • St. Jude Neuromodulation Division obtains injunctive relief against competitor and former employees (2009)
  • The Washington Post obtains dismissal of refusal to bargain (2009)

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