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In 2012, Marsha Alban resolves a supermarket fall for $1,750,000.00, believed to be one of the biggest supermarket recoveries in any state. Click here for more information.

Marsha Alban has been a full time practicing attorney for over 35 years and is an extremely skilled negotiator. She has handled thousands of personal injury cases, including many complex cases involving permanent disabilities and structured settlements. Ms. Alban has considerable expertise in maximizing recovery for her clients by having had first-hand experience in other areas of the law including workers compensation, Social Security benefits and taxes. Moreover she knows how to coordinate benefits between health and disability governmental programs such as Medicare. Ms. Alban is tough but realistic and sensitive in understanding what is in the best interests of her clients. She credits her style and skills to having closely worked with the firm’s founder, Philip I. Feinberg, and continues to service many generations of families from the firm’s original clients. Additionally she particularly enjoys working with people from diverse backgrounds.

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Practice Area

  • Personal Injury Law
  • Workers Compensation
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