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23 Forest Street Medford, MA 02155

Law Firm

Bonsignore Trial Lawyers, PLLC

Phone Number


Robert Bonsignore – Medford, MA

About Robert Bonsignore

Practice Areas

  • Business & Commercial Litigation
  • Consumer Protection
  • Trial Practice
  • Appellate Practice

Representative Cases

  • In re: Automotive Parts Antitrust Litigation (MDL 2311) (USDC Eastern District of Michigan Southern Division)
  • In Re: Target Corporation Customer Data Security Breach Litigation, (MDL 2522) (USDC District of Minnesota
  • In re: Batteries (MDL 2420) (USDC Northern District of California)
  • In re: Aluminum Warehousing Antitrust Litigation (MDL 2481) (USDC Northern District of New York)
  • In re: Zinc Antitrust Litigation) (USDC Northern District of New York)
  • Dale Bozzio v. EMI Group Limited et al (USDC Northern District of California Oakland Division and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals #13-15685)
  • In re: After Market Filters Antitrust Litigation (MDL 1957) (USDC Northern District of Illinois)
  • In re: Optical Disc Drive Litigation (MDL 2143) (USDC Northern District of California)
  • In re: Employee Benefit Insurance Brokerage Litigation (MDL 1663) (USDC New Jersey)
  • In re: Cement Antitrust Litigation 1:05 cv 979 (USDC Southern District of Indiana)
  • SKYVA International v. ABB
  • In Re: Polyester Staple Antitrust Litigation (MDL 1516) (USDC North Carolina)
  • Darbar Cusine, Inc. v Chef’s Choice Mesquite Charcoal, Lazzari Fuel Company LLC, California Charcoal and Firewood, Inc., (USDC Northern District of California 3:13-CV-05331 JSC)

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