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Catastrophic injuries are severe injuries which include the likes of member loss, a compromised brain function, severely reduced mobility as well as loss of eyesight. These injuries can occur by getting involved in a car accident as it is considered a Catastrophic Impairment which has an extremely specific in regard to the insurance Act of Ontario.

These injuries have an undesired effect on a person’s state of well-being as well as negatively impacting his social status as well as psychologically affecting him. Not only do them significantly affect the injured’s life but also his family and close friends. Family will be forced to provide a great deal of both financial and emotional assistance as the injured go through unimaginable pain and suffering while rehabilitation and hospital care comes at a very large cost.

If the injury occurs due to negligent actions of a person or group of people the assistance of an Accidents Lawyer is required to make the process of recovery a lot simpler and painless. We take care of your legal matters and you take care of the affected in order to ensure a smoother and quicker recovery.

We Can Defend You

As catastrophic injuries can occur from a wide array of circumstances and the financial implication being beyond enormous in case something like this happens one has to file a personal injury claim to make sure that the injured benefits from the best rehabilitation and support.

We can help you receive a compensation for your damages which includes the likes of lost income, the pain and suffering that you have to go through as well as health care costs.

How Do We Help

At Yegendorf LLP we have a team of skilled lawyers which completely understands how such an injury can affect our life and we offer the best legal counsel out there in order for you to receive the compensation that you deserve in order to get back to your usual life much quicker. We take priority in every case that is put before us and have providing the best possible outcome for everyone as our main goal.

Common Types Of Injuries

If you or a loved one has went through one or more of the injuries mentioned below make sure to contact us immediately as we’ve dealt with thousands of these cases with a high rate of success. Our experience speaks for ourselves and you will get the much needed compensation in no time.

Common types of catastrophic injuries include the likes of brain injuries, spinal cord injuries which led to paralysis, fatalities, amputations, serious scarring and disfigurement with the inclusion of burns as well as fractures and broken bones.

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