What Is Personal Injury Law?

POSTED : August 19, 2021

Personal Injury Law refers to the civil lawsuits brought as a result of a maleficent behavior. These types of lawsuits do not prosecute the wrongdoer. Often they are settled with compensation for the harmed caused.

Every human being must avoid putting other people’s health at risk. In most cases, accidents are caused due to negligence. In order for an individual to be pursued, a doctrine must recognize whether the crash was unavoidable.

Accidents caused by drunk drivers, complications due to medical negligence, and dog bites. These are perfect examples of accidents caused by a person’s negligence.

If there is a negligence proven then the defendant must pay the litigant for all injuries. Expert testimony is required to determine the type of compensation paid for emotional distress or loss of earning capacity for example.

Landlords or employers can be sued in case the individual who harmed the other person is unable to pay the compensation. In such cases, an experienced attorney must be hired to identify additional parties who might be held responsible based on their relationship with the wrongdoer.


Personal Injury Cases & Defenses

In such cases, numerous other factors besides negligence must be considered. It is important to consider whether the wrongdoer planned to harm the plaintiff initially. This includes battery, theft, infliction of stress and false imprisonment.

There is a possibility for the person responsible for the crime to be held liable even though that he did everything possible to avoid the unpleasant circumstances. The defendant can be held accountable if another person is hurt because he has engaged in a dangerous activity. Examples of such activities are the transportation of chemical materials and accidents during professional building demolition.

The litigant deserves a compensation when he gets injured by a defective product due to the manufacturer’s negligence during the creation of his merchandise. Such cases can quickly become massive lawsuits involving millions as a compensation.

In negligence cases, the defendant can argue that the other person participating in the case is also responsible for his injuries. He can also claim that the litigant knew about the risk involving the activity and voluntarily participated in it.

Few Important Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney

He must be specialist in this field.You should not go to an attorney who does not practice personal injury law. This would not deliver the best possible results.

  1. What is his experience with such cases? An attorney that specializes in this field won’t be good to you if he doesn’t have considerable experience, especially when your case is complicated.
  2. How many people will work on this case? If you hire a firm, you might be represented by a junior attorney and not by the famous lawyer that represents the law firm. It is important to know who your actual attorney is.
  3. How long until the case is resolved? You must know how long your life will be disrupted due to your injuries and when you will receive the compensation to pay your medical bills.
  4. Does the attorney charge percentage? Many attorneys prefer to receive a certain percentage from the compensation. Attorneys who charge on an hourly fee could cost you a lot


These are some of the main questions you must ask. You should also see how often your attorney is willing to go to a trial and whether he has been censured in the past by any legal committees. It is also of extreme importance to check references from past clients if he can provide. Asking these simples questions will increase your chances of winning a good compensation. Try to select an attorney through TV advertisements, Yellow Pages, references of if you are a miami personal injury attorney.

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